Hyp 224: Tenderlonious

Hyp 224: Tenderlonious

The gift that keeps on giving, South East London’s 22a has been consistently delivering quality music for a good couple of years now. Our first dip in the talent pool came with Mo Kolours’ homespun grooves, followed by the vibrations of his brother Reginald Omas Mamode IV – with former Hyponik mix contributor Al Dobson Jr’s lo-fi sample driven Soul soon following. We’ve since been introduced to fellow Deenmamode brother Jeen Bassa, as well as Henry Wu – with each member of the crew connected by musical common ground, yet distinct and creative in their own way.

Somewhat underlooked prior to this point, Tenderlonious is perhaps most closely allied with the sonic aesthetic of the crew. His releases on the label and for Soul Jazz have been expansive journeys into elongated deep grooves and soulful motifs, performed with the sort of gleeful freedom of expression usually associated with Theo Parrish and others. Also an accomplish saxophonist Tenderlonious is also a member of innovative Jazz quartet Ruby Rushton, with an album ‘Two For Joy’ due on 22a at the end of next month. Here on Hyp mix duty this Tuesday, he eases us out of the post bank holiday slump with a special selection of cuts exclusively drawn from the discography of the late great sax man Yusef Lateef. Scroll down to read some words on the process behind his choice for this special mix, as well a tracklist.

“I’ve decided to dedicate this mix to the late Yusef Lateef as he is the reason I started playing the saxophone.

In 2007 my life took a major turn and I was faced with some difficult circumstances. It was at this time that I decided to pursue the saxophone and develop my understanding of music.

Up until that point I had been producing music using samples from records that I had collected over the years. There was an album by Yusef Lateef called ‘The Golden Flute’ that I had stumbled upon by chance. I didn’t realise the power of his music at first – I spent more time sampling records than actually listening to them; however, it’s relevance soon became apparent to me. His tone was so unique and I found that I identified with it more than any other music I’d heard before. He also had a strong spiritual element to his sound, which I didn’t understand straight away, but I definitely felt a connection. It was a difficult time in my life and I felt quite separated from the world at large. It was in Yusef Lateef’s music that I found solitude, which consequently led to me investing all my efforts into becoming a saxophonist and developing musician. I owe him a great debt. I humbly dedicate my musical efforts to his legacy.

Rest in peace brother Yusef.”

Hyp 224: Tenderlonious by Hyponik on Mixcloud


01. Old Friends

02. The Golden Flute

03. Russell & Eliot

04. A Long Time Ago

05. Fourth Movement

06. Mahaba

07. Cry! – Tender

08. Oatsy Doatsy

09. Soul’s Bakery

10. Mu Omi (Drink Water)

11. I’m Free!

Tenderlonious plays sax on Ruby Rushton’s ‘Two For Joy‘, out 29th June on 22a. You can catch them at The Forge, Camden this Thursday 7th May – advanced £5 guestlist here.

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