Hyp 223: Iglew

Hyp 223: Iglew

Discovering electronic music through podcasts rather than raves, rising producer Iglew is definitely a product of his environment. A childhood spent in the sleepy town of Leamington Spa meant that first experiences absorbing electronic music were always likely to be via headphones, rather than sound systems. Currently residing in Leeds after a stint in Brighton, it’s only been in recent years that he’s experienced club music as it was intended to be. The sound of his debut EP, picked up by Mr Mitch’s Gobstopper Records, the result of an outsider taking a delayed plunge into sound system culture.

Across four tracks, the ‘Urban Myth’ EP is a lush exploration of timbre, rhythm and melody – whilst, at times, showcases the kind of bass weight you’d expect from a producer recent to discover the full force of low end frequencies. His sound sits neatly alongside Mr Mitch’s Peace Dub aesthetic and the vibe of label mates Loom, Dark0 and Strict Face – a vibe formed by an ignorance towards recognised Grime genre tropes, a freeness being enjoyed by many producers of this ilk in recent years. Over the course of 58 minutes, 32 tracks, ample dubs and the odd Congolese curveball, Iglew showcases his fresh take on 140bpm UK sound system music.

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The ‘Urban Myth’ EP is out now on vinyl and digital formats – head here to pick up your copy. 

01. ??? – ???
02. Rabit & Myth – Lonely Backseat Love
03. Fresh Paul – Crushup
04. K-Lone & Ill Chill – Dank
05. Sharp Veins – Glowworms
06. Silk Road Assassins – Shaded
07. City – In The Water
08. ??? – ???
09. Hodge – X
10. Utah? – Velocity
11. Iglew – Regalia
12. Iglew – Sleep Lighter VIP
13. Kadahn – Mythentear
14. Konono No1 – Mama Na Bana
15. Novelist x Mumdance – 1 Sec (Instrumental)
16. Iglew – Snowdrops
17. Coolie Joyride (Murlo Remix (Iglew Refix)) – Spooky
18. Becoming Real – Grime Lord (Loom’s OKLO Remix)
19. Joker – Tron
20. Iglew – Cymatism
21. Visionist – Snakebite
22. Impey & O-dessa – Bleepz
23. ??? – ???
24. Spokes – Lo Pan Strikes
25. Gundam – Questions
26. Geode – Phi
27. Nicki Minaj – Shanghai (Celestial Trax Edit)
28. Sharp Veins – Hail The Broken Choir
29. Gantz – Witch Blues
30. Iglew – ???
31. This Mortal Coil – Song To The Siren
32. Graves – Forgot10

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