Hyp 216: Oil Gang

Hyp 216: Oil Gang

The closest thing London in 2015 has to a musical hub, club night Boxed has been defining the zeitgeist of instrumental Grime for nearly two years now. It might seem hyperbolic at present, but there’s a definite parallel to be drawn between Boxed’s parties around the capital and legendary events at Blue Note (DnB) and Plastic People (Dubstep), in terms of the way in which each has provided a tangibility to their respective sounds at a crucial point in their evolution. A place to swap tunes, share stories and build anthems, Boxed has grown into an essential date in the calendar for Grime heads during its two year run.

For their second birthday next Friday 20th March at Bloc (formerly Autumn Street Studios) in Hackney Wick, the core crew of Logos, Slackk, Mr.Mitch and Oil Gang have invited friends of the family Spooky, Finn and Grandmixxer to help join in the celebrations. With a taster of what to expect, as well as a look back at what has made the party so great thus far – we’ve coralled Oil Gang on to mix duty for Hyp 216. With more dubs than you can shake a USB stick at plus plenty of heat from his eponymous label, he lays on the full spectrum of sounds and emotions within the instrumental Grime remit – and in doing so, shows just how far he and his friends have come in such a short space of time.

Hyp 216: Oil Gang by Hyponik on Mixcloud

1. Treble Clef – Colour Blind (Kyote Ent)

2. JT The Goon – String Section (Dub)

3. Dullah Beatz & SirPixalot – Yellow Rock (Dub)

4. Finn – My My (Boxed)

5. Dullah Beatz & JT The Goon- Purple Crack (Dub)

6. Spooky – Murderer 2 (Dub)

7. DarkToneSound – Club Magic (Dub)

8. JT The Goon & Dullah Beatz – Day 1 (Oil Gang)

9. Edgem – Gun Man At The Icy Lake (Dub)

10. Grandmixxer – People Over Money (Dub)

11. JT The Goon – Mad Simple (Dub)

12. Hilts – Punched In The Face (Dub)

13. JT The Goon – Flux Capacitor (Edgem Records)

14. Jammz – The World (Dub)

15. Edgem – Secret Garden (Edgem Records)

16. Novelist & Grandmixxer – Straight Groove 2 (Dub)

17. Spooky – Eski Hoe (Dub)

18. JT The Goon – 50 Days Of May (Oil Gang)

19. Novelist – Yakuta (Dub)

20. JT The Goon – Grime Orchestra (Dullah Beatz Remix) (Edgem Records)

21. JT The Goon – Grime Orchestra (Boylan Remix) (Edgem Records)

22. JT The Goon – Ever Lasting (Dub)

23. – JT The Goon – 8 Bit Ballad VIP (Dub)

24. Grandmixxer – 14 Plate Starship Enterprise (Balcony Music)

25. JT The Goon – 14 Plate Starship Enterprise (Oil Gang)

26. Novelist – Sniper (Murlo Remix) (Oil Gang)

27. Spooky – Grime Slime (Dub)

28. Dullah Beatz – Oil Gang (Oil Gang)

29. Murlo & JT The Goon – Plume (Oil Gang)

30. JT The Goon – Grime Light (Oil Gang)

Oil Gang plays alongside Logos, Mr. Mitch, Slackk, Grandmixxer, Spooky and Finn for the Boxed 2nd Birthday Party at Bloc (Autumn Street Studios) next Friday 20th March. Buy tickets here.

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