Hyp 215: Hubie Davison

Hyp 215: Hubie Davison

First appearing on Hyponik via a free download of his rowdy Soulful House gem ‘Sanctified’ a little while ago, Hubie Davison is back now on Hyp mix duty. An Irish expatriate living in London, he made his bow as a producer with the three track ‘Khayyam Grey’ EP on respected Berlin imprint Leisure System that took cues from the likes of Daphni and Theo Parrish. To find out more about his music and the mix he put together for Hyp 215, we grabbed him for a quick chat…

Hi Hubie, thanks for talking to us – how are you and what are you up to today?

Hey Hyponik! I’m really well thanks, taking it easy today, a much-needed day off from studio stuff.

Talk us through the idea behind the mix and how you recorded it?

The mix just developed from the first track, a spoken word piece from Spaceape’s ‘The Xorcism’. I wanted to include a lot of tracks from different styles and aesthetics, and ‘The Spirit Of Change’ seemed a good place to start.

There’s a pretty heavy Detroit presence on the mix, is it fair to say that sound has been influential to you?

I actually didn’t intend at all for this mix to have any unusual abundance of Motor City music, but now that I look at the track list I guess you’re right… Aside from the tracks that came directly from Detroit, the tunes out of Berlin and the UK are in that school too. I’m constantly amazed at Detroit’s musical legacy, and the breadth of it has definitely been a huge influence for me.

There was a bit of Commodores and a couple of other samples we couldn’t quite ID on the tune you gave away through us a few weeks ago. Is sampling old Funk and Soul a common starting point for your production?

The other main sample comes from a Diana Ross tune, which somebody on Twitter pointed out was used in a Moodymann track too. Always strange to hear a sample in another context, I hadn’t come across the Moodymann tune before.

I don’t really tend to use samples as a starting point in production unless I’m aiming specifically for an edit, or an old-school House vibe. I like to try build an instrumental loop that I might supplement with a processed snippet of vocal or maybe some drums or other percussion.

What have you got lined up for the rest of 2015?

I’m hoping to put out some more music, and do a lot more DJing. I’m also working on a live show that I’d like to debut in 2015. I’ve been making a lot of music for the past year or so, so I have quite a lot of stuff that I’d like to get out! Watch this space!

‘Khayyam Grey’ is out now on Leisure System. Buy it here.

Hyp 215: Hubie Davison by Hyponik on Mixcloud

1. The Space Ape – Spirit of Change [Not on Label]

2. Kowton – More Games (MM/KM Remix) [Livity Sound]

3. Maurizio – M5 A [Maurizio]

4. Theo Parrish – Solitary Flight [Sound Signature]

5. Underground Resistance – Hi-Tech Jazz (The Science) [Underground Resistance]

6. Session Victim – Stick Together [Delusions of Grandeur]

7. Hubie Davison – Sanctified [Not on Label]

8. Aphex Twin – 4 bit 9d Api+e+6 [126.6] [Warp Records]

9. Hubie Davison – Vowels [Leisure System]

10. Reese – You’re Mine [KMS]

11. Rushmore – NPG [Trax Couture]

12. MMM – Jack7 [MMM]

13. Robert Hood – The Greatest Dancer [M-Plant]

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