Hyp 204: Jovonn

Hyp 204: Jovonn

On the verge of reaching a quarter century making music, Brooklyn’s Jovonn remains unwavering in his commitment to House music. He’s enjoyed various high points, most notably in the early 90’s with ‘Turn And Run Away’ – which broke the Top 10 of America’s Billboard Chart, although he’s kept his integrity intact throughout where others would have gone for the quick buck. Although he’s never gone quiet for any extended period of time, it can’t help but feel as if this year has witnessed a revival of sorts for the veteran. An EP for classic House loving French trio Appolonia’s eponymous label has thrust him into the attention of a younger audience, whilst Clone Classic Cuts issued a retrospective of his Goldstones label last month – to much acclaim. That rare beast, an artist with a legacy who’s prepared to adapt to the times, you wouldn’t bet on him stopping any time soon.

Here for Hyp 204 we get a snapshot of where Jovonn is right now, with his impeccably blended selections tastefully toeing the line between the swung Garage sounds of his past and up to the minute 4×4 rhythms – with a healthy undercurrent of Soul underpinning the whole thing.

Hyp 204: Jovonn by Hyponik on Mixcloud

Jovonn plays Fabric room 1 with Appolonia next Saturday 15th December. Buy tickets here.

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