Hyp 202: Brassica

Hyp 202: Brassica

For Michael Anthony Wright, music has always been something to lose himself into. Growing up in Kent, he was forever taking apart the electrical appliances around his house – including enabling his turntable to play in reverse and turning his tape recorder into an ersatz multi-tracker. His adolescence saw him dip his toes into rave culture before finding his calling playing with a range of bands. Later as a student of Sound Design at London’s LCC he’d have his eyes opened to a myriad of techniques and methods – going on to design pieces of his own and perform at The Royal Festival Hall. With this experience adding to his already diverse musical background, the foundation for Wright’s unique artistic identity had been laid – the final spark of inspiration coming when he began attending DJ Fonteyn’s Computer Blue night in East London. Encouraged by seeing people rapturously enjoying a blend of synthesizer heavy dance music, he took his friend Ali Renault’s (from synth band Hearbreak) prompt and began working on music of his own – music which soon saw release on a range of labels.

Fast forward some years and Wright has comfortably grown into his own highly distinctive sound using his Brassica alias. Synthesizers play a prominent part, but what’s truly notable is the emotional resonance of each track. Coming at ‘dance’ music from his own personal angle, Wright’s tracks carry none of the throwaway qualities of functional club music – with each offering instead carrying a heavy amount of emotional heft. This has been never more apparent than on his recently released record, ‘Man Is Deaf’. Here Wright lays out a journey rich in detail, texture and personal resonance that also packs a fair few dancefloor moments to boot.

Looking for something a little different from him, we asked Brassica to revert back to making mixtapes as a kid for Hyp 202. Listen to him stitching together The War Of The Worlds with De La Soul and DJ Shadow with aplomb via the player below, then read our in depth chat with him…

Hyp 202: Brassica ‘Influences’ Mix by Hyponik on Mixcloud

1 – Fry’s Turkish Delight Advertisement from 1984
2 – Mogwai – Helps Both Ways
3 – Christian Zanési – Marseille 2
4 – Jeff Wayne – Eve of the War
5 – Ozric Tentacles – Space Between Your Ears
6 – De La Soul – Ghetto Thang
7 – Steve Miller Band – Fly Like an Eagle
8 – DJ Shadow – Midnight in a Perfect World
9 – Future Sound of London – My Kingdom
10 – Stefan Blomeier – It’ll be here when you come.
11 – Cestrian – The Cross
12 – Heaven 17 – Chase Runner

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