Hyp 201: Hazylujah

Hyp 201: Hazylujah

Inspired by the foggy enigma of neighboring Venice, disquiet and dissonance have always played a prominent role in the work of Italian producer Massimiliano ‘Hazylujah’ Vianello. He made his bow on Dutch Techno institution Delsin back in 2011 with a collection of ever so slightly off kilter tracks that nodded to the dancefloor yet occupied their own unique and frequently unsettling territory. A second release followed last year to inaugurate new R&S distributed imprint Meda Fury, with ‘How Can You Hide From What Never Goes Away ‘ finding Vianello laying the atmospherics on heavily once again across five thoroughly weird tracks.

The EP quickly sold out and has since received a much deserved repress as we wait patiently to hear what abstractions Vianello will explore next. In the meantime we have him here on Hyp 201 – recorded live at a Meda Fury party,  laying on a murky set of disorientating ambience, broken grooves and sullen rhythms that takes in Jazz, Hip-Hop, House and a fair few styles that are basically unclassifiable.

Hyp 201: Hazylujah by Hyponik on Mixcloud

01. Future Beat Alliance – Sci-Fi Intro#1
02. Newworldaquarium – The type you can’t feel
03. Madteo feat. Sensational – Basiado beatdown
04. Tru West – It looks like plastic
05. Unknown artist – Echo drugs
06. Hazylujah – Acqua amara
07. Sueño Latino – Luxuria (Massimino L. extended version)
08. Dj Sotofett pres. Fran Benitez – Lacrimas negras
09. Tony Allen – Olè (A remix by Moritz Von Oswald)
10. Goldie – Sea of tears
11. The Orb – Into the fourth extension
12. Commodity Place – Walking lost into the fog
13. Actress – Cave of paradise
14. Frank De Wulf – The heat of the moment
15. Vincent Floyd – I dream you
16. Takuya Matsumoto – Ny
17. Philipp Matalla – Lack of loss
18. Dj Sotofett – Assa med den derre floyta
19. The Heartists – Belo Horizonti (Brix edit)
20. Dresvn feat. Sotofett – Bliss (Dj Sotofett orgel versjon)

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