Hyp 199: Divided

Hyp 199: Divided

Ever since handing over the reins of Hyp 158 to shadowy UK Techno maestro Pris, we’ve kept a keen eye focused on him and his label -Resin. The imprint has served as a focal point of sorts for the burgeoning wave of British and Irish producers that recently featured on the site, with each release adding momentum to what has become one of the most exciting scenes around. Debuting on Resin back in March as part of the ‘Akplenc’ EP, Divided recently stepped out on his own with the fearsome solo ‘Moment (Historical)’ four tracker. Rugged rhythms are paired with a keen ear for sound design on an EP that measures industrtial heft with chilling ambience.

Stepping up to the plate for Hyp 199, Divided lays out his influences and looks to the future with the results sounding like a continuation from his excellent recent release. Cuts from the likes of Lee Gamble and Basic Channel keep things deep and spacious, whilst he also calls on few jolts of grubby machine funk to keep feet moving, with each track an extension of his distinctive sound.

Hyp 199: Divided by Hyponik on Mixcloud

1. Herbert – Royal Wedding pt 2
2. ESG – untitled
3. Valved – Blood On The Controls (Whirling Hall Of Knives remix)
4. Novacom – Tranche
5. Lee Gamble – Mimas Skank
6. Wishmountain – Video
7. Bruce – Untitled
8. Chevel – Harsh Times (Happa Remix)
9. Rythym Masters – Think I’m Gonna Lose Control
10. Chevel – Entanglement
11. Basic Channel – Q1.2
12. Divided – Whitechapel
13. Beneath – Internal
14. Claude VonStroke – Monster Island (Christian Martin Remix)
15. Acre – Symbols
16. Literon – Nightfall
17. Psyan – Off Key
18. Divided – Eigen
19. Herva – No Way Out
20. Shackleton – Vor Und Zurück
21. STP – The Fall (T++ Remix)
22. Third Side – Unity (Nightjars Remix)
23. SHXCXCHCXSH – This Hmming Raverie

‘Moment (Historical)’ is out on digital via Resin, with a vinyl release due shortly. Buy it here.

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