Hyp 196: Webstarr

Hyp 196: Webstarr

The hazy intersection of House, Techno and Dubstep has long been one of the most exciting places in British Electronic music. Whether its through Hessle Audio, Livity Sound Hemlock, music from the British Isles has been hovering at this nebulous junction with hybrids that are ceaselessly creative and danceable. One of the newest contributors to this melting pot of styles is Webstarr, a young producer from Hull who’s been monochrome rollers carry a level of chill that made them perfect fodder for Mistry – the burgeoning label run by Beneath. His ‘Aegrus’ EP due out at the end of the month, is rich in texture and heavy on low end – and has unsurprisingly already been picked up enthusiastically by Ben UFO and others.

Here with a sonic mission statement, we have a selection that puts in his UK contemporaries alongside legends from further afield – as Hodge sits next to Omar S, and Call Super lines up with Mr.G. Metallic funk, snatches of melody and rugged percussion all feature on this finely tuned jolt in the arm this Monday…

Hyp 196: Webstarr by Hyponik on Mixcloud

1) J. Angle – Week-End [Unreleased] 2) Bluntman Deejay – Astat (Real) [All Caps] 3) Mike Dehnert – Refillable [Delsin] 4) Kassem Mosse – Workshop 19 A2 [Workshop] 5) Omar S – Psychotic Photosynthesis [FXHE] 6) Sven Weissman – Cabana Fever [Mojuba] 7) Hodge – Flashback [Unreleased] 8) J. Angle & TMS – Untitled [Unreleased] 9) Person of Interest – Call this Number [L.I.E.S.] 10) Webstarr – Autumn Epiphany [Unreleased] 11) Ben Klock – Subzero (Function & Regis Remix) [Ostgut Ton] 12) Voiski – Wax Fashion [L.I.E.S.] 13) Marco Zenker – Shimmer [Illian Tapes] 14) Mr G – Moments [Rekids] 15) Bookworms – African Rhythm [L.I.E.S.] 16) Stenny – Eternal Restrictions [Illian Tapes] 17) Call Super – Acephale II [Houndstooth]

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