Hyp 195: Willie Burns

Hyp 195: Willie Burns

A man with each one of his fingers in a different pie, William Burnett could never be accused of being lazy. Head of his own W.T Records, he also manages Brooklyn’s famed digging spot/pile of vinyl The Thing, DJ’s around the world and releases music under a handful of aliases. The last few years have been particularly busy for Burnett, with the releases coming thick and fast on a series of the underground’s most féted labels including L.I.E.S, The Trilogy Tapes, Créme Organisation and Unknown To The Unknown. Its on the latter’s sub label Hot Haus that his latest piece of wax lands, with ‘I Wanna Love You’ EP being delivered under his Willie Burns moniker. As with all of Burnett’s ‘Willie Burns’ material, the EP is a rough and ready collection of charmingly simplistic club cuts – expertly toeing the thin line between artful brilliance and cliché. Receiving heavy support from his peers, the record is yet another achievement from the restless music obsessive.

Taking control of the 195th Hyp Mix, Burnett reeled off a selection that sounds every bit as if it was put together from the teeming mass of wax at The Thing. Its to another NYC record spot that Burnett dedicates this mix, with his haphazard blend of Afrobeat, Soul, Jazz and Phil Collins put together in tribute to the infamous Dope Jams…

Hyp 195: Willie Burns by Hyponik on Mixcloud

01. Symbols & Instruments – Science of Numbers
02. The African Dream – Makin’ A Living
03. MBG Wave 3 – Take Me
04. Jaco – Show Some Love
05. Slow To Speak – Sell My $oul
06. Catskill Tapes – Undercover Of The Night
07. Tom Of England – STD#5
08. The Zebras – Paradise Garage’
09. Cellophane – Dance With Me (Let’s Believe)
10. Phil Collins – Man On The Corner
11. St.Etienne – Stoned To Say The Least
12. The Trojan Horse feat. Romanthony – What $ Love”
13. Black Power Productions – Push
14. Willie Colón – Set Fire To Me

‘I Wanna Love You’ is out 22nd September on Hot Haus Recs. Pre-order it here

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