Hyp 193: Timoka

Hyp 193: Timoka

A read of Swiss based newcomer Timoka’s nondescript website will tell you that his real name is Benjamin Kilchhofer and he has studied design in Basel & media art in Leipzig. This art-house background is clearly a prominent influence to his own intricate music. Following up on his debut EP ‘Waters’ on Holger last year, he will be releasing a mini LP ‘Tulgey’ later this month and promises to be a deeper glimpse into his informed mindset…

Hyp 193 is like the soundtrack to an eerie psychological thriller of the Lynchian variety. A mish-mash of rhythmic downtempo IDM, melodic outsider House, ritualistic chanting & haunting organic noises it features Boards Of Canada, Hype Williams, Holden, The Cyclist and Special Agent Dale Cooper…

For more information about Timoka’s releases on Holger Records, see here.


01:Ken Nordine – Hello
02:The Stranger – We Are Enemies But Not Here
03:Gregory Whitehead – Eva Can I Stab Bats In A Cave
04:Twilight Ritual – Message
05:Tsutomu Ōhashi – Kaneda
06:Cluster – Putoil
07:The Advisory Circle – Swinscoe Episode 1 ‘Enter Swinscoe’
08:Rolan Vega – Playlite
09:Smackos – Return to Moosley Bay
10:Luke Abbott – Swansong
11:Tsutomu Ōhashi – Dolls Polyphony
12::zoviet*france:* – Static Fields
13:The Cyclist – Black Train
14:Holden – Sky Burial
15:Hype Williams – Untitled 03
16:Broadcast and the Focus Group – Round and round and round
17:John Baker – Fresh Start
18:Special Agent Dale Cooper – Diane No.39
19:Iron Curtain – First Punk Wars
20:Jeff and Jane Hudson – The Girl from Ipanema
21:House of Jezebel – Poverties Paradise
22:Kaa Antilope – Indonesian Triptich
23:Ken Nordine – Truth Mute
24:Boards of Canada – Corsair

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