Hyp 191: Bill Kouligas

Hyp 191: Bill Kouligas

Bill Kouligas has scant regard for rigid concepts like ‘genre’. Listen to any of the fifty plus releases to come out on his PAN label over the past five years, and that much soon becomes clear. This attitude and approach have seen Bill and the label positioned squarely at the forefront of the avant-garde at a time when critics are more willing than ever to festoon the tag ‘outsider’ on artists like a badge of honour. From the obscure compositions of Rashad Becker, to the cold blooded rollers of Beneath, the music released on PAN is truly unique in a time defined by referentiality.

Celebrating half a decade in action this year, the release schedule for PAN has been suitably full on. Italian experimentalist Valerio Tricoli dropped an album earlier in the year, whilst there have also been EP’s from Berlin dwelling bass peddler M.E.S.H and abstract sound designer Helm amongst others. As we get deeper into the second half of the year, the jewel in the crown comes in the form of ‘KOCH’ – the third album from Birmingham’s Lee Gamble due out next month. Another reimagining of the Hardcore continuum, its shaping up to be one of the most anticipated records in the label’s history.

Delivering our 191st Hyp Mix this Monday, Bill unloaded a selection of exclusive and unreleased PAN gems. Growing from murky beginnings, the mix flirts with Acid, Garage, Techno, House and even Hip-Hop – but maintains a hallucinatory weirdness throughout. With Bill keeping the tracklist deservedly to himself on this one, Hyp 191 is a voyage deep into the unknown.

Hyp 191: Bill Kouligas by Hyponik on Mixcloud

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