Hyp 186: Koehler

Hyp 186: Koehler

Bristolian newcomer producer Daniel Koehler made his debut to the Skudge White label series last year to much acclaim. His latest endeavour sees him moving further into leftfield territory being recruited for seventh release on avant-garde London imprint Berceuse Heroique, which continues to impress us as one of the most out-there DIY labels pumping out limited and high-quality material today.

Taking into account his output so far, it’s clear that he draws upon multitude of influences. Jungle breaks, heavy bass lines & Acid-Jazz are all tied together by a common melody. His ‘Dynasty’ EP, which was just released features three spaced-out cuts of experimental and ambient Techno. It rolls and pounds with an attitude that could catapult you in to a different dimension. Following suit with Berceuse Heroique’s rebellious aesthetic, the accompanying artwork features socio-political intonations juxtaposed with a quote from The Guardian & Irish playwright Samuel Beckett. As usual, this doesn’t necessarily reflect the music but rather spurs interest and provokes critical though on the current state of social affairs.

Hyp 186 is a fluid blend of 80′s Chicago House jams, rolling synth lines & sidewinding Jungle that translates perfectly. It features forthcoming Berceuse Heroique material from Beneath, two Acid cuts from a rare Joey Beltram collaboration, and culminates with a psychedelic outro from none other than the Grateful Dead…


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1. Lost Entity – 2 Minute Madness (Nu Groove)
2. Photek – The Hidden Camera (Science)
3. Beneath – Soho (Forthcoming on Berceuse Heroique)
4. Lurka – Nah So (Black Acre)
5. Koehler – Technicolour (Skudge White)
6. Ruff Draft – Lone Ranger (Ruff Draft)
7. JB3 – Forklift (Classic ’93 Mix) (Nova Mute)
8. Koehler – Spiral Light (Berceuse Heroique)
9. R-Zone – Waters of Lethe (Forthcoming on R-Zone)
10. Ekman – GMMDI (Breaker 1 2 Remix)
11. Santos – Hold Home (Moon Harbour)
12. Stewart Walker – New York School (Matrix)
13. E-Dancer – The Move (D-Wynn mix) (KMS)
14. Virgo – Under You (Trax)
15. Reign in Hell Acapella -????
16. Lost Entity – Annihilate (L.E.S. mix) (Nu Groove)
17. TM404 – ???? (Forthcoming on Skudge White)
18. Grateful Dead – Feedback (Warner Bros.)

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