Hyp 184: Mr.Mitch

Hyp 184: Mr.Mitch

In the constantly evolving scene that is contemporary Grime, where new producers and innovations in sound pop up on an almost daily basis, it can sometimes be hard to keep track. One of the most dependable outlets to arise in the last 12 months has been Boxed – a collective made up of Oil Gang, Logos, Slackk and this week’s Hyp Mix contributor, Mr.Mitch. Working as the fulcrum of the scene, Boxed has enjoyed a much talked about run of parties in London, recently branching out to Bristol, whilst also serving up some essential free compilations on the way.

South London’s Mr.Mitch has been at the centre of all of this, finding a second wind to a career that had already seen him produce for the likes of Skepta. Now enjoying the benefits of the current focus on producers, he’s crafted a unique and experimental sound that often takes in elements of minimalism – with the best example of this being his series of ‘Peace edits’ of Grime classics. Due to play Fabric’s Room 1 on Friday, we got the Gobstopper Records boss to step up to the plate for this week’s mix series. Reeling out cuts from a fresh roster of Grime talent, he also finds time for a few curveballs along the way across 45 minutes guaranteed to break you out of your Monday morning stupor.

Hyp 184: Mr Mitch by Hyponik on Mixcloud


01. Mr. Mitch – ‘At Bandcamp’
02. Air Max ’97 – ‘Sleeveless’
03. Joy Orbison & Boddika – ‘More Maim’
04. JT The Goon – ‘Twin Warriors (Mr. Mitch Peace Edit)’
05. Variete – ‘Drumworks’
06. Eomac – ‘Forest’
07. Terror Danjah – ‘Scotch Bonnet’
08. Apple – ‘Goy Goy Cowbell’
09. Inkke – ‘Lego Riddim’
10. Last Japan – ‘Alpha Logic ft Cliques’
11. Tarquin – ‘Yelnats’
12. Dark0 – ‘Dont Phone Me’
13. Dark0 – ‘Amethyst’
14. Dark0 – ‘HYLI (Grime Refix)’
15. Lolingo – ‘Monson’
16. Lolingo – ‘New Cross Gate’
17. Dark0 – ‘Black Rose’
18. Murlo – ‘Vertigo’
19. Dark0 – ‘2lips’
20. SRC – ‘June’
21. Trends & JLSXND7RS – ‘The Undertaker’
22. Loom – ‘RGB’
23. Mike Midnight – ‘Adjustment Process’
24. Swifta Beater – ‘Choir Gang’
25. Mr. Mitch – ‘Viking’
26. Chemist – ‘Defiance’
27. Iglew – ‘Cymatism’


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