Hyp 178: Fudge Fingas

Hyp 178: Fudge Fingas

For over a decade, Edinburgh based musician Gavin Sutherland has been producing and DJing under the Fudge Fingas moniker. Music has always been and continues to play a central-role in his life. Deeply inspired by the House sounds pioneered by Larry Heard and Frankie Knuckles, he merges a multitude of genres in his work. He has a flair for left-of-centre Jazz meanderings, deep and soulful House jams right on through to jagged-edge Techno. When he’s not channeling grooves in some shape or form, he works at a record store and nurtures an unhealthy obsession with vinyl.

A front runner for the Firecracker label since it’s inception in 2004, he supplies to them a certain finesse in House, his debut album in 2011 is a listen to be reckoned with. He has also released more uptempo Techno-centric material on Mancunian Trus’me’s Prime Numbers imprint. Not too fond of the limelight he has released under the pseudonym ‘Vin Sanders’ in the past. With original material in the pipeline and having mentioned the possibility of more undisclosed aliases popping up in the future, Fudge Fingas has truly come into his own.

Hyp 178 is a airy breeze of House sophistication, swirling Disco and Old Skool rave nostalgia…

Fudge Fingas plays b2b with Linkwood at notsosilent roof party in London on 8th June. Info and tickets HERE.

Stream and download the mix below

Panoram – Serenity Cosmos – Firecracker Recordings
Warren Harris – Cottage – Sound Signature
Herbert – We All Need Love – Phonography
USG – Ncameu – Clairaudience
DJ Sneak – Symphonic Nights – Chord 44
Marcellis – Untitled – Workshop
Boo Williams – Fruits Of The Spirit – Three to Five
VerNon – Low Control (Fudge Fingas 808 Mix) – Dixon Avenue Basement Jams
Lymuel Rock Ivestor – Happy Dance – Trax
Amir Alexander – Black Snow Wolf – Vanguard Sound!
Gemini – Le Fusion – Cajual
Aybee – Akiara – Deepblak
A Sagitarriun – The Circle Stops Somewhere – Elastic Dreams
Brooks – Clix – Mantis
Claude Young – Dream Of Another Time – Utensil

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