Hyp 177: Application

Hyp 177: Application

Martin and Richard Dust, embody two thirds of The Black Dog. Together they’ve embarked on an exciting and imaginative new side project based around the Japanese concept of Itamae. The result of said project is Application.

The prestigious title of Itamae is generally given to junior chefs, who study patiently under a Sushi Master for five years before being allocated their first assignment. The consideration and discipline of such practices came to fruition musically through prudently produced manifestos and custom built drum racks. It is evident throughout their ten-track debut ‘System Fork’, that great care was applied to create such coherent soundscapes. Martin and Richard seem suitably adept to embark on such a challenging and inventive project. Sheffield is a city with a long history in steelworks and like The Black Dog you can hear the influence in their music. Like Itamae these sonic swordsmen wield razor sharp blades by their sides.

Hyp 177 is a daring blend of ambient Techno , proceeding with an ominous edit of an excerpt from an old interview with Sex Malcom McLaren, it moves into one of Andy Stott’s more ambient works where the sound of a rushing train clambers across the back of the mind, from here out it’s an uncompromising blend of ambience, Techno & Noise featuring a handful of their own works and cuts from the likes of Autechre, Beneath and Plastikman.

Stream and download the mix below

‘System Fork’ is released on Dust Science on June 30th. Stream clips ahead of the release here.

Connect with Application on Tumblr.


01. Application – Manifesto Malcom McLaren
02. Andy Stott – Submission
03. Sunn O))) & Ulver – Western Horn
04. Scanner – Hollow (Headz)
05. Fuck Buttons – Brainfreeze (Alt Mix)
06. Autechre – 1-14 90101-51-1
07. Cloaks – Against
08. Beneath – Burn 4 U
09. Plastikman – Ping Pong
10. Mike Parker – Lustration Eight
11. Uncode – Unconscious
12. Application – Theme From
13. Byetone – Helix
14. Bitstream – Lost Cluster
15. Application – Flange 7
16. Kangding Ray – Evento
17. Application – Candy’s Dead

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