Hyp 174.1: Principals (Charles T Drakeford)

Hyp 174.1: Principals (Charles T Drakeford)

In the multi-faceted music industry of today, if you want to flourish, you must do many things and go lots of places and almost certainly have your hands in multiple pies and needs to know that variety is key. One of the foundational members of London’s Principals collective, Charles Drakeford, is one of these people. Alongside friends and local heroes Bradley Zero & Nic Tasker together they have stamped a mark of finesse on the UK capital’s club scene in setting up the well respected Principals party in recent years. He is a UK programmer and host for Boiler Room, and also hosts a bi-weekly show “From The Depths” on NTS Radio, featuring swinging House trax and Detroit-Techno of the loft party vibe. He clearly puts himself out there and his musical taste is a force to be reckoned with.

As part of our special coverage leading up to Record Store Day this Saturday, Drakeford has supplied us with the first of three special Hyp mixes (the other two with Bradley Zero and Tasker) which will be put out over the course of this week. Hyp 174.1 is an eclectic selection featuring Kassem Mosse, Levon Vincent, Pepé Bradock and much more. Check it out below and allow Drakeford to kindly run you through the 7 Wonders that resonated with him the most whilst you enjoy this sonic gold.

Stream and download below


01. Artist Unknown – ‘Track 3’ (Analogue Solutions)
02. Nico Motte – ‘Rheologia’ (Antinote)
03. Kassem Mosse – ‘Untitled A1’ (Workshop)
04. Cliff Lothar – ‘Tangaxuan II’ (Skudge)
05. YMO – ‘Key’ (Alfa)
06. Lover’s Rights – ‘Urn’ (High Sheen)
07. Levon Vincent – ‘???’ (Novel Sound)
08. Unit Moebius – ‘Razor Love’ (Bunker)
09. Unit Moebius – ‘Pop Corn’ (Bunker)
10. UR – ‘Acid Africa’ (Underground Resistance)
11. ASSS – ‘Male Nurses’ (Haunted Air)
12. Ajukaja & Andrevski – ‘Rare Birds’ (Levels)
13. Pepé Bradock – ‘Intrusion’ (Atavisme)
14. Kenny Larkin – ‘Smile’ (KMS)
15. Floorplan – ‘Confess’ (M-Plant)
16. Eight Miles High – ‘Drone’ (Klang Elektronik)
17. Traktor – ‘White Traktor’ (Din)
18. Paul Johnson – ‘Something About The Music’ (Nite Life Collective)
19. Gay Marvine – ‘HYH Jazz Interlude’ (Secret Mixes Fixes)

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