Hyp 164: Lakker

Hyp 164: Lakker

Contributing this week’s Hyp mix are Lakker, a duo who have just been announced as the newest members of the venerable R&S stable. The label, which played host to electronic music luminaries such as Aphex Twin, Joey Beltram and Derrick May, will put out a four track EP by the Irish pairing in March. The announcement marks a continuation of Lakker’s fine 2013, which saw them drop EP’s on Stroboscopic Artifacts and Canada Rising, whilst also finding a selection of their tracks included in recent sets by the latterly mentioned Aphex Twin.

Although rooted in Berlin leaning Techno, Lakker have frequently demonstrated a willingness to mix things up that places them comfortably amongst the famously experimental ranks of their new label-mates. Finding room for the likes of spaced out Warp rapper/produce Jeremiah Jae alongside Motor City machine funk merchant Robert Hood, the mix takes in all manner of styles whilst retaining a sleek flow and consistently darkened ambience throughout. With two cuts from the forthcoming R&S EP finding their way into the latter half, Hyp 164 is an hour of exciting music from two producers on the up.

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

01. Fis – Homologous Interlude
02. Batillus – Concrete (Andy Stott Remix)
03. Jeremiah Jae – Fish Bomb
04. Lakker – Untitled
05. IVVVO – Pure Morning
06. RdF – Doubt (Lakker Remix)
07. Frank B – JewelandDarlin
08. Astrobotnia – Untitled
09. Dadub & Grun – Ergot Kernel
10. These Hidden hands – Kheium (SHXCXCHCXSH Remix)
11. Crust Punk Techno – Stab It In The Back
12. AnD – Bow (Decomposition by Russel Haswell)
13. Ghostphace – Rome Boredom
14. Robert Hood – Eleven
15. Rrose – The Stare
16. Lakker – Valentina Lane
17. Metrist – Third Law (Eomac Remix)
18. Lakker – Thermohaline
19. Burial – Rival Dealer

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