Hyp 157: Ukkonen

Hyp 157: Ukkonen

Debuting back in 2010 with the sprawling, 17 minute long ‘Curiosities Of The Sky’ on Rednetic Records, Finnish producer Ukkonen has gone on to travel a path that is uniquely his own. Declaring himself to have ‘zero interest in dance music’, the press-shy artist has released music, that whilst electronic, avoids any easy classifications. Second LP, ‘The Ancient Tonalities Of…’, released this year on ‘polystylistic’ London label No Pain In Pop, flirts with everything from the under explored sounds of composers such as Bartok and Takemitsu to the likes of Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada. Finding a beautiful middle ground between these distinctly varied influences, the LP employs a range of techniques such as ‘isorhythms’, ‘mensuration cannons’ and ‘simultaneous tempos’, that are well outside the remit of ‘conventional’ producers.

Supplying us with a wonderfully different and individual Hyp mix this week, Ukkonen was also kind enough to grant us a rare interview, which can be read here. The mix meanwhile is a gorgeous tour through his influences and his own productions, taking in Drexciya alongside Finnish composers Einojuhani Rautavaara. Check it out below.

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

Rautavaara – Piano Concerto No.3 First Movt.
Mogens Pederson – Nu Bede Vi Den Helligand
Drexciya – Cascading Celestial Giants
Ukkonen – Planctus Voiceless
Rautavaara – Angel of Light Part 3
Ukkonen – 18 Pitches
Messiaen – Eclairs Sur l’Au Dela movt VII
Ukkonen – Unreleased/Untitled
Perotin – Viderunt Omnes (Tiny Excerpt)

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