Hyp 155: Majora

Hyp 155: Majora

Filled to the brim with Dubplates is this week’s mix, courtesy of Bristol’s Majora. Positioned at the junction between House, Grime and Funky, his music takes in all the most popular sounds of UK club land and turns them on their head for an end product that is at once original and highly danceable.Releases for Tumble Audio and 877 have seen him using his full arsenal of well honed sounds; drum machines, vocal samples and razor edged bass, to keep the energy relentlessly to the limit. On Hyp 155 he ropes in dubs from Killjoy, Lamont, Corporal F, Liable, himself and others to paint a picture of a scene that gives little credence for genre boundaries in its pursuit of getting bodies moving.

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

2.My Nu Leng & Majora – Hips n Grids (goldFFinch Remix) [877 Records] 3. Max Graef – Ignorance Is Bliss [Heist] 4.Majora – Zebra [Forthcoming ??] 5.Chris Lorenzo & Pete Graham – Dorothy’s Forest [Bullet Train] 6.Liable – Where I Be [Dub] 7.Piezo & Seth – Pasted [Voodoo Rebel] 8.Nativ – Shifty [Forthcoming Tumble Audio] 9.Majora ft Elderbrook – Exactly [Forthcoming ??] 10.Arctic – Off Peak [Liminal Sounds] 11.Bromley – This Could Be [Bullet Train] 12.Addison Groove – Footcrab (Sly-One Refix) [Dub] 13.Silas – Overcast [Dub] 14.Majora – 72 [Dub] 15.Corporal F – War Dance [Dub] 16. Cloaka x Killjoy – Prone [Dub] 17 Krilic – Chin Up [Dub] 18.Utah – Made (Cloaka Remix) [Dub] 19.Pulsecode – Get Large (Circula Remix) [Discos Dead] 20.Persian Empire – Time (123Mrk Remix) [OD Music Group] 21.I Killed Kenny – Nobody [Self Released] 22My Nu Leng – Fronts [Dub] 23.Lamont – Over [Dub] 24.Gucci Mane ft OJ Da Juiceman – Stash House [Trap God] 25.Flava D – Poltergeist [Lord Of The Mics] 26.Canblaster – Triple Ring [Nightshifters] 27.J Beatz – Wave Down (Trends Remix) [Dub] 28.Boofy – Warzone [Forthcoming Tumble Audio] 29. Filthy Vickars – Straight [Dub]


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