Hyp 154: iglooghost

Hyp 154: iglooghost

Over the past few years we’ve become pretty used to seeing enviably talented youngsters emerge in the world of music production. Some who were still revising for their GCSE’s, enrolling on BTEC Music Tech college courses, or chilling at Kindergarten, in the case of 4 year-old KJ. Some never quite live up to the initial hype laid on their youthful shoulders, but it’s pretty easy to spot the ones who have the minerals to go all the way.

I suppose this would be a good point in which to introduce the latest addition to our mixtape series, 17-year old Iglooghost. I stumbled across his music on a mission-less morning quest across social media and was instantly hooked. Whether it’s the inescapable ‘peanut_smoker (raja.ram)’ or the dangerously vibrant ‘Cave Boots’, this kid just reels you in with his beats. Yeah, sure, you can list a number of LA cats that he draws influence from, but he’s the first to admit he got into making music by imitating FlyLo. However, his forthcoming EP on Error Broadcast show’s a 17-year old putting his own lick on the beat world and we see no reason why this kid can’t go on sit at the top of the pile with the likes of Knxledge, Samiyam and Mndsgn. Praise indeed.

After putting out his latest mixtape ‘SEWER_RAP’ alongside pal Cow Yote we got in touch with the boy to talk about youth culture, hip-hop culture, forthcoming projects and camp Brainfeeder showing him love.

You can check out our interview with him here, and listen to the killer mix he made for us which you can stream below (he designed the artwork).

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

01. Bibio – Mind Bokeh (Iglooghost edit)
02. Zeroh – Shit’s This Easy
03. Iglooghost – Yellowfours
04. Greyhat – Rude Kids
05. Iglooghost – Peanut_smoker (raja.ram)
06. Book&Bronze – Numbers on the Board
07. Four Tet – Gong
08. Bonobo – Cirrus
09. Matthewdavid – Like You Mean It
10. Memotone – Djakka
11. iglooghost – Catchwrek (feat. Cow Yote)
12. Kingdom Crumbs – Mezzanine
13. Iglooghost – Soysaucesmoothie (alt take)
14. Milo – Folk Metaphysics, 2nd ed
15. Ratking – Octopus
16. Iglooghost – lines&lines&lines
17. Knxwledge – todayitsyew
18. Cities Aviv – Voyeurs
19. Zeroh – Barkpench
20. Aphex Twin – Vordhosbn
21. Iglooghost – debrisdebrisdebris
22. Flying Lotus – unknown torment
23. eEdgar the Beatmaker – bus ridin killa
24. Wiki – wikispeaks
25. Lord Raja – dipteres pt. 2
26. Devonwho – pretendingtowalkslow
27. Mount Kimbie – home recording

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