Hyp 145: J.Phlip

Hyp 145: J.Phlip

Originating from the superbly named town of Champaign, Illinois ( 2 hours south of Chicago ), Jessica Rose Phillippe has developed into an integral component of one of House Music’s most popular labels: Dirtybird. Signing to the San Franciscan label in 2008, Phillippe quickly demonstrated a propensity to get backsides moving, with meaty cuts like ‘Rumble, Rumble’ and ‘Droppin Bomz On Yer Momz’ sounding like suitable agents for the label’s party starting mission statement. Whilst 2013 see’s her continuing to spread the Dirtybird love around the world, she also has a less predictable side to her musical tastes, which she was keen to express on Hyp 145. Her discography thus far probably wouldn’t lead you to expect a mix laden with gems from Autechre, Deerhunter and James Blake, but Phillippe masterfully defies expectations here, delivering a listening experience that is as soothing and meditative as it is developing and engrossing.

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Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

01. Jacaszek – Rytm to niesmiertelnosc ii
02. Arca – Walls
03. Deerhunter – Helicopter
04. Lucid – Bless my heart
05. Instra:mental – Watching you
06. Lfo – Them
07. Arca – Manners
08. Moderat – This time
09. Autechre – Montreal
10. Four Tet – She moves she
11. Clark – Herr bar
12. Actress – Caves of paradise
13. Close – Wallflower feat. Fink
14. Autechre – Yulquen
15. Clark – Absence
16. Kría Brekkan – Solush
17. James Blake – And holy ghost
18. Actress – Jar din
19. His name is alive – One year (Four Tet remix)
20. Siri – The best muthafucking girl in the whole wide world

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