Hyp 144: OL

Hyp 144: OL

Leading light of Moscow’s Capital Bass collective, Oleg Buyanov (known more widely simply as OL), has been known in his native Russia for some time after initially releasing homespun hip hop inflected jams on the likes of Error Broadcast, Idle and Fine Grains since 2007. Recently focusing his attention on the dancefloor, Buyanov has come to deliver the kind of rhythmically complex bass music that might once have sounded more at place coming from London or the East Coast of America. His connections to Capital Bass, a night that has been at the cutting edge of Moscow’s dance music scene for more than half a decade, undoubtedly have much to do with his recent incarnation. Playing host to the likes of Scuba, Mosca and Kode9 (to name but a fraction), the night has helped ensure that Moscow remains in the conversation of Europe’s dance music hotbeds. Now with a vinyl label comfortably underway, on which OL recently delivered the 3rd release, it would seem that the future is most definitely a bright one for Bass Music in the Russian capital. On Hyp144, OL supplies a set of bass music that touches on every facet of the Hardcore continuum, delivering on his stated mission to generate a ‘club atmosphere’ in impressively high octance fashion.

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

01. DJ Technics – Nelly Theme
02. OL – Make Things
03. Gemini – Klonopinless
04. KMFH – Flemmenup
05. Rushmore – Harder
06. Addison Groove – It’s Got Me
07. Rushmore – Low Slung
08. Mike Dehnert – Untitled
09. Strict Face – Mistery Riddim
10. Pev – Aztec Chant
11. A Made Up Sound – Ahead
12. Rushmore – Couture
13. Teeth – Percolator Meme
14. Shox – Hi Grade (DVA’s Hi Emotions Remix)
15. Alex Coulton – Bounce (Pev Version)


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