Hyp 135: Viers

Hyp 135: Viers

This week’s mix comes courtesy of Leeds house youngblood Jordan Saxton, aka Viers. A relative newcomer, his debut release ‘0002/Your Body’ is set to drop via Seb Wildblood & Apes’ Church stables in early July – a sturdy slab of 4/4 with remix accompaniment from the former and Squarehead. In the mix Viers picks a vibe that strays from the deep and atmospheric to the solid and jacking, laying down a batch of unreleased material from himself and the unknown quantities of Hedge Maze, LK, Ill Life and Hxlkunxk,¬†with a detour into classic DJ Funk and a cheeky R Kelly refix.

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

01. Hedge Maze – Moonville
02. lk – What A Difference A Day Makes
03. lk – Body&Soul
04. lk – B2
05. lk – Unpressed
06. Ill Life – Kobosil Style
07. Viers – Half The Distance Between Here and Anywhere
08. Dj Funk – Jerk It
09. Viers – 4 Reels
10. R Kelly – Viers refix
11. Viers – 0002
12. Viers – Your Body
13. Viers – 92688
14. Viers – It’s Me
15. Hxlkunxk – kxnuklxh
16. Viers – Untitled


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