Hyp 129: Alphabets Heaven

Hyp 129: Alphabets Heaven

Brighton’s Alphabets Heaven makes exquisite music. Sure, some of it could fall loosely under the ‘beats’ umbrella but his approach is much more than a straight loop-driven pursuit. He constructs rich sound collages that are technically flawless; synthesising intricate rhythms with evocative melodies that just have that ability to plant a smile on your face.

Although his EP for Canadian label King Deluxe ‘Siamese Burn’ (his finest offering yet) came out back in March he wanted to put together a mix for us that took a look back at the release and put it in context. He mentioned over an email exchange that he’s enjoying the “quasi-sculptural approach to music that’s happening right now”, and a lot of his mix for us is trying to make the most singular entity possible from some fairly wide-ranging sources, focusing on texture rather than genre.

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

Track list:
01. NHK’ Koyxen – 367
02. Andy Stott – Hatch the Plan
03. Headshotboyz – Humpback Pappal
04. Manni Dee – First & the Seventh
05. Evian Christ – Fuck it None of Y’all Don’t Rap
06. Alphabets Heaven – Fornia
07. The Cyclist – Black Train
08. Yosi Horikawa – Wandering
09. Deft – The Traveller
10. Mocksun – Purple
11. Da Sampla – Pursuit Mix 3
13. 12. FunkinEven – Dreams
14. Tod Dockstader – 3073A

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