Hyp 128: Andrew Ashong

Hyp 128: Andrew Ashong

Andrew Ashong presents The SunShowers Mix, a wondeful collection of music that travels from São Paulo and the experimental Bossa Nova of Tom Zé, through to Bobby Smith’s ode to Bahamian Independence, via the “rum punchiness” of 1970′s Dominica.

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Track list:
01. Tom Zé – Complexo de Épico (Album: Todos os Olhos, 1973)
02. Jack Bonus – Ah Que Lyn (Album: Self-titled LP, 1972)
03. Mataya Clifford – Things are Going My Way (Album: Star Fell From Heaven, 1976)
04. Monomono – Plain Fighting (Album: The Dawn of Awareness, 1974)
05. Gramacks International – Reassembler (Album: Special Frere Soul, 1978)
06. Bobby Smith – A New Day Dawning (Album: A Nation is Born, 1973)
07. Mandrill – Bro Weevil and the Swallow (Album: Mandrill Land, 1974)
08. Jon Lucien – Luella (Album: Rashida 1973)
09. Moacir Santos – What’s my Name (Album: Saudade 1974)
10. David Sanborn Band – Promise Me the Moon (Album: Self-titled LP, 1977)
11. Devadip Oneness – Free as the Morning Sun (Album: Silver Dreams Golden Reality, 1973)
12. Flight – Inca Innuendo (Album: Excursion Beyond, 1980)
13. Karma – Kwanzaa (Album: Celebration, 1976)
14. The Charlie Rouse band – Waiting on the Corner (Album: Cinnamon Flower, 1977)
15. Bill Summers – Brazilian Skies (Album: Feel The Heat, 1977)
16. Jackie and Roy – Don’t be Blue (Album: East of Suez, 1980)
17. Os Mutantes – Bat Macumba (Album: Tecnicolor, 1970)

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