Hyp 121: Borai

Hyp 121: Borai

Following our extensive chat with Borai, it only felt right to ask him for a mix. We were really interested in what approach he would take after hearing about his eclectic tastes and affinity to vinyl.

For the last year or so his turntables and records have been tucked away in storage, and due to a recent move, he’s managed to find space for them again. When quizzing him on his Hyponik Mix, he told us that “whilst sorting through the piles of 12’s, I kept finding tracks that I had forgotten I had and re-discovering music that I hadn’t listened to for at least a year (or more). This gave me the idea of trying to put together something that shows my love of old music and how it can still be relevant in todays scene. I also wanted to include a few of the recent bits that I have been introduced to, such as Amir Alexander, Iron Curtis and P.T.A as well as a couple of freshly cut dubplates of my upcoming stuff.”

He recorded three mixes for us in total, deciding to go with the one provided, as it had the best flow. The mix spans 23 years of worth tip-top house sounds.

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

01. Brandy – The Ritual (Chateau Flight Remix) [Yellow Productions – 2001] 02. Psyche – Crackdown [Kool Kat Music – 1990] 03. Amir Alexander – Gutter Flex [Argot – 2012] 04. Borai – Battle Weapon 003A [Dubplate – 2013] 05. Iron Curtis – Favonian (Original Basement Dub) [Jackoff Records – 2010] 06. Pulse – The Lover That You Are (Si Brad’s Refridge-oration Mix) [FFRR – 1996)
07. Kenlou – The Bounce [MAW Records – 1995] 08. The Jass Mann – Jass Yo Azz Off [Rhythm Beat – 1992] 09. Borai – Battle Weapon 002B [Dubplate – 2013] 10. Eddie Fowlkes – Deep Funk [Detroit Wax – 2008] 11. Borai – Does It Bother You? [Tasteful Nudes – 2013] 12. Pittsburgh Track Authority – Crosstown Blvd [Argot – 2012] 13. Typesun – Heart Maths (Peverelist Remix) [Root Elevation 2012]

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