Hyp 119: Hound Scales

Hyp 119: Hound Scales

Nico Jacobsen makes music as Hound Scales. He used to live in San Francisco and recently made the move upstate to New York to set up a label with Brooklyn-based producer Divvorce. According to reliable sources Jacobsen wears a lot of Japanese clothes, watches around 7 films a week, and is skeptical of everything. Operating as a creature of the night, he likes to make music “that could keep others company in those hours of need.”

Upon first hearing the results of his late night tinkering, what instantly grabbed us about this young chap was his refined apetite for warehouse music. His sound sits somewhere between SLO and Karenn and finds a mature balance between straight, big-room ruffage and atmospheric delicacy. You can pick up his impressive debut ‘Case (Nabis)’ for his his own Fifth Wall Records now.

Hound Scales kindly introduces himself with a 60 minute blend of pure junta rave vibes…

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

Track list:
01. Crustation – Flame (Mood II Swing Vocal Mix)
02. Lex Loofah – Freaky Deaky (More Bounce to the Ounce mix) edit
03. Hound Scales – Case (Nabis) (Ghosts on Tape Remix) (Fifth Wall Records)
04. Divvorce – E3 (MRSK Remix) (Forthcoming Fifth Wall Records)
05. Cristian Vogel – Beginning to Understand
06. Coushin – Structuralist edit
07. Oscar Mulero – Letters from Madrid
08. Levon Vincent – Together Forever
09. Bleaching Agent – 75ml
10. Ancient Methods – Untitled
11. Sawlin – Kretze
12. Tommy Four Seven – Arx
13. Hound Scales – Suction Clip (Forthcoming Infinite Machine)
14. Sawf – Work 2 Ma Chest
15. Consoless – DM88
16. Unklone – Grit 555
17. Hound Scales – Storyville (Too Young for a Devil) (Fifth Wall Records)
18. Radial – Vandal
19. X501 – X501.1
20. Divvorce – E1 (Forthcoming Fifth Wall Records)
21. Bas Mooy – Nastase (Developer Remix 2)
22. Bjork – Declare Independence (Mathew Herbert 12″)

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