Hyp 110: My Panda Shall Fly & Will Ward

Hyp 110: My Panda Shall Fly & Will Ward

My Panda Shall Fly (named after a day out at Alton Towers) is Sri-Lankan born artisan/beat-maker Suren Seneviratne. MPSF has been building up a varied arsenal of bass and electronics over the years, releasing music on Growing Records and on Five Easy Pieces alongside Benjamin Jackson.

Will Ward spends time making music in the band Circle Traps (the group that features members of London jazz group Portico Quartet) and is a fantastic producer in his own right. Keep your eyes open for some big moves from Ward in the New Year. For anyone uninitiated, go and dig out any of his remixes available at the usual spots.

The duos relationship began as an online collaboration and has now developed into personal working relationship in Portico Quartet’s studio on the outskirts of East London. Following the success of their collaborative EP on XVI Records we thought it’d be a great opportunity to get them on a Hyp Mix. They provide us with a slew of tough ‘riddims’ from all over the ages.

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

01. VIII/VI – Across/faces
02. Gerry Read – Yeh Come Dance
03. Kristine blond – Love Shy (Tuff Jam Classic Vocal Mix)
04. Kevin McPhee – Do
05. Deetah – Relax – (Bump ‘n Flex Full Flava Groove)
06. Gerry Read – I am Apathy, I am Submission
07. Todd Edwards – Saved My Life (Large Joints Mix)
08. George Fitzgerald – Child (Geeman Rework)
09. MJ Cole – Attitude
10. Lando Kal – Rhythm Sektion
11. Stanton Warriors pres. Zak Toms – Bring Me Down (Vocal Mix)
12. Hodge – Tonda
13. TJ Cases ft. Kat Blu – Bring Me Joy (Smooth Mix)
14. Filter Dread – Dream
15. FCL – Lets go
16. Artful Dodger – Movin’ Too Fast (Bump ‘n Flex Vocal Mix)
17. My Panda Shall Fly & Will Ward – British Princess
18. Will Ward – Concentrated
19. Somore – I Refuse (Industry Standard Club Mix)
20. CJ Bolland – Sugar is Sweeter (Armand Van Heldan Mix)

Direct download: https://soundcloud.com/hyponik-com/my-panda-shall-fly-will-ward/download.mp3

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