Hyp 105: Elson David

Hyp 105: Elson David

Elson David are Owen Howells and Duct, two of the co-founders (alongside Fybe:One) of the sprightly London imprint, Shades of Grey Recordings. Thus far they have put out a string of high quality records form the likes of Fybe:One, Royce Wood Jr & Stac, Warsnare and Chairman Kato.

The pair have come together as Elson David over a mutual love of acid house and rave culture, creating an outlet for them to showcase something a little different to their usual solo work. The forthcoming ‘Awakening’ EP (released 14th January 2013) melds UKG and house into an aerobic acid workout; all scatty 303s, hench beats, neat sampling and bubbling bass. You can hear the three tracks from the EP in this scorching mix, amongst material by Joey Beltram, Tyree, Gerd and more.

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

01. Perfectly Ordinary People – Theme from P.O.P.
02. GERD – H.O.U.S.E.
03. Cool House – Rock This Party Right (Tyree Remix)
04. J.M.D. – Get Up and Dance (Tyree JB mix)
05. Elson David – The Awakening
06. Jamie Anderson – Rebel Sound
07. Orbital – Chime (JZJ Remix)
08. Tolfrey & Ramirez – Bounce to Me (Lauhaus Remix)
09. Elson David – Remember
10. Subb-an – Off the Walls (Melon Remix)
11. Elson David – God Bless
12. Whatever, Girl – Activator
13. The Children – Work the Box
14. Joey Beltram – Energy Flash
15. Elson David – Woke
16. Fast Eddie – Let’s Go (Tyree’s Gone Mix)


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