Hyp 103: Chairman Kato

Hyp 103: Chairman Kato

Chairman Kato has been in our peripheral since the release of his Pictures Music EP back in Feb 2011. Following on from that particularly bleak winter he’s gone on to release an array of wonderfully bleary-eyed electronic music, receiving remixes by the likes of Detroit soulboy Andres and Punch Drunk regular, Ekoplekz.

It has been in recent times that our love for Kato has grown deeper, mainly since he personally invited us for a game of Laser Quest and a couple of space cakes to celebrate the launch of his recent ‘Roma’ EP for Shades Of Grey. An individual with seemingly endless enthusiasm and creativity, anyone yet to discover his Focus Group events hosted in an east-end boozer should have a little scout around.

In his own words “the mix is a selection of chubstep from throughout the ages, peppered with a bit of post-punk and noise. It represents the sort of thing I play out when I DJ innit.” Stop what you’re doing, press play on this mix and enter the mind of Chairman Kato.

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

02. James Blake- At Birth
03. Shifted- Untitled
04. Benjamin Damage- Swarm
05. Tevo Howard- Confusion
06. Photek and Pinch- M25FM
07. John Tejada- Something About The Drums
08. 2AM/FM- 1MG
09. The Rapture- Killing
10. Redshape-Throw In Dirt
11. Pylon- Danger
12. Colder- Crazy Love
13. Raffertie- Twitch (It Grows & Grows)
14. Chairman Kato- Yeah You’re Right pt.1
15. Distal- Eel


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