Hyp 101: Scratcha DVA

Hyp 101: Scratcha DVA

As we move into our second century of mixes, who better to call upon than that man, Leon Smart. Scratcha DVA is an artist who’s spanned the past 10 years of underground UK sound, finding a home on one of the UK’s finest independent labels in the form of Hyperdub Recordings, providing the very finest bass inflections and UK funky mutations as standard. This week he announced the November arrival of the ‘Fly Juice’ EP which will see DVA finishing of 2012 with a 8 tracks of that ever-colourful ‘power house’.

His mix for Hyponik is introduced by none-other than Inga Copeland (the pair have collaborated on the aforementioned record) and features new music from Miguel, DVA, Zaki Ibrahim, French Fries, Shy One, Lil Silva and many more…

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

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