Hyp 100: Zed Bias

Hyp 100: Zed Bias

So here it is, the centennial addition to the Hyp Mixtape Series.

We’re all pretty chuffed to reach this landmark in the series, which has seen the likes of Deadboy, Lapalux, Mosca, Julio Basmore, Moxie, El-B, Marcus Intalex, Lunice, Sully, Alexander Nut, Oneman, Tessela, Noodles, Braiden, Terror Danjah, Brackles and whole heap more, all provide memorable contributions.

For Hyp100 we decided to call upon one of the greats of British dance music, Zed Bias. Whether under his own name or the Maddslinky alias, his production work in the realms of broken-beat and UK garage laid the foundations on which dubstep music was born. His influence runs through the entire spectrum of UK dance music, right through to today, with his musical presence as essential as ever. His recent release on Digital Sound Boy is a testament to this fact.

Zeds mix is an hour-long journey through modern bass-music, classic UK garage and a smidgen of vintage dubstep. Including music from Dusk & Blackdown, Happa, Groove Chronicles, DJ Spinna, Digital Mystikz, Thefft and many more…

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

01. Dusk and Blackdown – Lonely Moon (Keysound)
02. Happa – Boss Man (CDR)
03. Zed Bias – Heavy Water Riddim (Digital Sound Boy)
04. Maddslinky – Compuphonic (Broadwalk records)
05. Boddika – Crack (Swamp81 CDR)
06. Thefft – Ten Ten (CDR)
07. Groove Chronicles – Angel Body (white)
08. Ashley Beadle – Run the track (CDR)
09. Sean Escoffery – Days like these (DJ Spinna remix)
10. Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo (Saag edit)
11. Dusky – Calling Me (CDR)
12. Zed Bias and Paleman – Furrball (Swamp81)
13. Disclosure – Whats in your head (CDR)
14. Pepe Braddock – Deep Burnt (Kif Recordings)
15. Zed Bias – Ooh (Swamp81)
16. Zed Bias – Hurting Me (Digital Sound Boy)
17. Digital Mystikz – Anti War Dub (DMZ)


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