Hyp 098: Altered Natives

Hyp 098: Altered Natives

UK producer Altered Natives (a.k.a. Danny Yorke) is, as far as we’re concerned, extremely underrated. The broken-house badman has been doing his thing for over a decade now, never really paying much attention to trends and distractions around him. In recent years he has released a slew of perspiring, drum-driven house music for his own Eye4Eye imprint, Bosconi Records and Martyn’s 3024.

For his Hyp Mix we see Yorke turn in 45 mins of exclusive, brand-new Altered Natives material, with a selection of tracks being “near newborn”. On October 3rd he’ll release ‘Tenement Yard Volume 3‘, the final installment of the brilliant series. Labelling this mix as the ‘Goodbye Tenement Yard‘ mix is a statement of intent regarding the future, “it was just to let you all know im far from quitting anything. If anything, next year im going to be stepping things up a lot more. So we’ll call this sentence a friendly warning shot.”

Yorke decided to call an end to the series for fear of hiding behind complacency and formula, but states that closing with ‘Tenement Yard Volume 3’ is the best thing he’s done. The mix closes with a exclusive peak at sub 100-bpm alias project, Doctor Cockbloctopus. If you’re going to do one thing today, give this mixtape 45-mins of your time.

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

01. Aidonia vs Altered Natives – 100 Rass Dub
(Goodbye Tenement Yard Interlude I)
02. The Legend of Neglect
03. S.I.N.W.S.Y.L.T.S.I.W
04. Intensive Care
05. Black Powder
06. The Flattery of Stalkers
07. Your Robot Touched My Girlfriend
08. Get REAL
09. Own You
10. Always Sunny
11. Yellow Pills
13. No Introductions
(Goodbye Tenement Yard interlude II)
14. Doctor Cockbloctopus – 8 Hand Pussy Pop

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