Hyp 097: Manni Dee

Hyp 097: Manni Dee

Brighton’s newcomer Manni Dee continues the high standard of recent Hyp mixes in a 47-minute, cross-genre workout. Radiohead, Blur, Actress, Teebs and Bjork provide downtempo moments amongst thumping 4×4 from Perc, Skudge, Indigo and Darling Farah to name a few. The mix also starts, ends, and is twice punctuated by Manni Dee originals; providing a welcome insight into the production arm of the project.

With releases on Hit & Hope and Seclusiasis, Manni Dee is quietly making a name for himself; pushing a typically-Brighton, bassy strand of house and techno. We predict much more to come from this guy.

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

Track list:
01. Manni Dee – The Feeling
02. Skudge – Convolution
03. Perc – Tension
04. Indigo – Wake
05. Bjork – I Miss You
06. Ore – Water Pump
07. Teebs – Anchor Steam
08. Darling Farah – Body
09. Glimpse & Martin Dawson – Fat Controller
10. Actress – The Lords Graffiti
11. William Basinski – Vivian & Ondine
12. Blur – Death of a Party
13. Fracture – Bad Habit (Om Unit Remix)
14. Manni Dee – Heatwave
15. Konjah – Dreams of Footwork
16. Wayne Smith – Under Me Sleng Teng
17. Boeboe – Act Stupid
18. Radiohead – Weird Fishes Arpeggi
19. Danny Scrilla – X
20. Manni Dee – Though I Do
21. Moresounds – Cannabis
22. Om Unit – Ulysses
23. Manni Dee – Fundamentals

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