Hyp 092: DjRUM

Hyp 092: DjRUM

Felix Manuel’s alias is actually pronounced ‘Drum’ – the ‘j’ is silent. It used to be ‘Deejay Rum’, but he decided it wasn’t for him. Anyway, pronunciation aside it was last year’s sensational ‘Mountains’ EP for 2nd Drop Records that fully announced the former Yardcore Crew member to the world of UK electronica. Upon first discovery of Manuel’s music, what was immediately apparent was the producers versatility, whether it be dub-steeped techno, raw hip-hop elements or UKG flirtations, he marries disparate elements together like a vicar.

For anyone coming across this name for the first time an ideal starting point would be both releases on 2nd Drop and ‘Plead With Me / Emerald’ (The Antidote) on Smokin’ Sessions.

Warming things up for the secretsundaze Go Bang! festival at The Roundhouse and Proud on Sunday 26th August, DjRUM has provided us with a blistering 71-min mix, taking in anything from LFO through to Peggy Lee. This one is an absolute must.

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

01. Phaeleh – The Cold In You (Djrum remix) [dub] 02. Ziro – Oni [dub] 03. Luftrum – Oceanwavescrushing [a field recording from freesound.org] 04. LFO – LFO (leeds warehouse mix) [Warp Records] 05. LFO – LFO (Mak & Pasteman Leeds Basshouse Mix) [dub] 06. Happa – Freak [dub, forthcoming 2nd Drop] 07. Benboncan – Lake Waves 2 [a field recording from freesound.org] 08. OVR – Rapid Eye [Blueprint Records] 09. Bleak – Oxygene [dub] 10. Hackman – First of Ham (Felix Lenferink remix) [dub] 11. Bleak – EMP [dub] 12. Unknown – Bad Organs [HATE Recordings] 13. Jack Sparrow – The Chase [Tectonic Records] 14. Gangsta Na Play aka Numa Crew – Tuff Africa [ERBA Records] 15. Burial – Archangel [Hyperdub] 16. EQD – Untitled [Equalized No.002 side A] 17. SP-X – SP10
18. Chris Watson – A Passing View. Los Olivitos, La
19. Djrum – Watermark [2nd Drop Records] 20. Indigo – Aradia [Hypercolour Records] 21. Djrum – Turiya Acapella [dub] 22. Djrum – Turiya (Tessela Remix) [2nd Drop Records] 23. Dub Phizix – Never Been feat Fox [Critial Music] 24. Manni Dee & Deft – This One, The Art Of The Possible [dub, forthcoming 2nd Drop] 25. Indigo – The Root [dub, forthcoming Exit Records] 26. Bonobo – Eyesdown (Machinedrum remix) [Ninja Tune] 27. Om Unit – Slowfast Matrix [Civil Music] 28. Peggy Lee – Fever [Peggy fucking Lee!!!] 29. Endian – Birdhouse [Nonplus Records]

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