Hyp 089: Rumah

Hyp 089: Rumah

Fresh from his debut release on Nineteen89, Rumah is a name gradually catching the attention of respected names in many corners of London’s dance scene. This contribution to the Hyp mix series is the perfect opportunity to showcase his selection skills to the world.

Things open up with an abstract, ‘Detroit’ vocal; tee-ing up a slew of no-nonsense techno tracks from the likes of Ben Sims, Truncate, Delta Funktionen and NarkoSky. Rumah works through eleven tracks at a refreshingly gentle pace before dropping a bomb of his own, in the form ‘E1.’ Following ‘E1,’ is the final track – a bizarrely entrancing, acoustic cut entitled ‘Cinema’ by Akzidenz, it almost makes you forget you’ve just been through 45 minutes of militant 4×4.

Keep a close eye on this young chap.

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

01. Detroit Auto Worker – Motherfuckers who deal with intangibles (source Unknown)
02. Marco Zenker – Black Box
03. Truncate – Jack
04. Delta Funktionen – Redemption
05. Robert Hood – Power to the Prophet
05. Ben Sims – Machine Funk
06. Kyle Geiger – Scream Feat. Stephanie Jansen (Truncate Remix)
07. NarkoSky – Amfitamin
08. Ben Sims – Ain’t no Stoppin
09. Sasha Carassi – Fragma
10. ThatBoyTim – Down in the Hole (Sunil Sharpe Remix)
11. Ben Sims – Love Picks Me up
12. Rumah – E1 (Nineteen89)
13. Akzidenz – Cinema (DUB)

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