Hyp 088: Blackwax

Hyp 088: Blackwax

Blackwax are Luke Dubuis and Ross Addy; a techno-ish act from Edinburgh, and one that are gradually, and rightly, making ground amongst the sea of new producers surfacing. With a release on Tube 10 Recordings and plenty more in the pipeline, we’re not the only ones tipping these guys.

The duo show some serious scope in their offering to the Hyp mix series; flirting between funky and grime beats, garage, techno and the shades of grey in between. Amongst the admirably diverse selection are cuts from Lazer Sword, South London Ordnance, Trusta, Bandshell, Doc Daneeka, a Blackwax original and more.

The quality of this mix, though, stretches far beyond the selection. The individual tracks are manipulated to create a precisely linear journey through Blackwax’s tastes. Highly recommended!

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

1. Lazer Sword – Klock
2. Teeth – Jusqu Tendresse (Kowton Remix)
3. TOYC – Ruffer
4. South London Ordnance – Witch Hunt
5. Bambounou – Brawl
6. Bandshell – Rise Em
7. Visionist – Circles
8. My Nu Leng – Waltaknocks
9. Ramadanman – Work Them
10. Wen – Spark it
11. Blackwax – Surface
12. DJRum – Mountains pt_1 (Pedestrian Remix)
13. Logos – Kingmob V.I.P
14. Wiley – Ice Rink (Moleskin edit)
15. Doc Daneeka – Murda Strings
16. Trusta – Hypnotik
17. Helix – Stacks Riddim
18. Double Helix – Chamber of light

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