Hyp 079: Hodge

Hyp 079: Hodge

We are more than pleased to bring you the seventy-ninth addition to our mix series from Bristol-based house producer, Hodge.

Similar to many of us, Hodge, also known as Jacob Martin, had his first experiences of dance music as a 10-year old school boy, whizzing around a dark roller-disco. He has since left his native Kent and setup camp in the creative hub that is Bristol, making a real mark on the cities vibrant electronic music scene and the current resurgence in house.

Whether it be his work as Hodge, or as one half of Outboxx (alongside Matt Lambert); Martin is pricking up all the right ears right about now. Stand out releases on Pollen, Immerse, Idle Hands and Well Rounded are seemingly just the start for this talented character.

His mix provides us with just under an hours worth of warm, viscous house – brightening up this murky month of May. It features material from Hodge, Kowton, Levon Vincent, Alex Coulton, Virgo Four and more.

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

01.Hodge – Bells ( Unreleased )
02.STL – Never Asked Why ( Something )
03.Kowton – Never Liked To Dance ( Idle Hands )
04.Fingers inc – 326 Donnie ( Gene Hunt’s Box remix )( Rush Hour )
05.Virgo Four – Boing ( Hieroglyphic being mix ) ( Rush Hour )
06.John Heckle – Life On Titan ( Mathematics )
07.Levon Vincent – Revs/Cost ( Novel Sound )
08.Skudge – Melodrama ( Skudge Records )
09.Kowton – Dub Bisous ( Forthcoming Pale Fire )
10.Alex Coulton – Bounce ( Unreleased )
11.Rhythmic Theory – Twilight Distinction ( Forthcoming BRSTL )
12.Hodge – Holographic Prose ( Forthcoming Well Rounded Housing Project )

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