Hyp 078: Leon Vynehall

Hyp 078: Leon Vynehall

Bowling in at number 78 is house badman, Leon Vynehall. The latest talent to emerge from the Donga’s accredited Well Rounded Records harbor.

Leon first caught our attention last year with the lavish groove of ‘Personality’, the flip side to James Fox’s ‘New Jack Swing’. Since then the anticipation for his Well Rounded Housing Project full debut has been hot, with tracks from the ‘Mauve EP’ already garnering support from heads such as Scratcha, Hackman, Braiden, Disclosure and George Fitzgerald, who has already pencilled in Vynehall material to his Man Make Music label.

Vynehall’s Hyp Mix is around an hour’s worth of fully-sunken, brilliantly brutish house music from a range of producers including Gerry Read, Wax 30303, Bobby Champs and Mr. Fingers, and also features tracks from his forthcoming ‘Mauve’ EP which is released next Monday (14th May) via Well Rounded Housing Project. This one’s a winner.

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

01.King Felix – SPRING02
02. Gerry Read – All The Time
03.Cabin Fever – Untitled (Jacked Out Edit)
04. Wax 30303 – Shed Remix
05. Leon Vynehall – Mauve
06. Rumah –
07. Bobby Champs – NYC Panther
08. GoldFFinch – Funky Steppa
09. Leon Vynehall – Gold Language (Forthcoming Man Make Music)
10. Eliphino – Vrybdy
11. J.Tjin – The Anti-Mixdown
12. Mr. Fingers – Washing Machine
13. Marcus Mixx – The Spell (Ron Hardy Mix)

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