Hyp 077: Bambooman

Hyp 077: Bambooman

For the 77th installment of the Hyp mix series we’ve dropped the tempo slightly as we call upon Leeds-based beat-smith, Bambooman.

We first came into contact with his name as the curator of the fantastic ‘Sound Healer’ compilation series. Throughout the two volumes of the series he has showcased an array of dazzling producers such as Blank & Kytt, S.Maharba, Deft, Jon Phonics and Kwala. The Konductor’s Lab regular is something of a dab hand on the buttons himself, with his unique strain of experimental beat wizardry being picked up by the likes of Project Mooncircle and Dandelion Lotus Records.

This stuuning 30-min mix features an abundance of weird textures and general off-kilter, low-end madness from the likes of Crewdson, Deft, Actress, Vessel, Mount Kimbie and Bambooman himself.

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

01. Grouphums – BBQ Music
02. Crewdson – Metal And Wood.
03. Deft – Last night.
04. Jabu – Can’t see.
05. Bambooman – Dimensions.
06. Actress- Redit 124.
07. Bambooman – Belgium.
08. Vessel – Glitter.
09. Mount Kimbie- At Least.
10. Zack Christ – Han Paa.
11. Gards from KC – Pulse.
12. Arca – Focus.

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