Hyp 075: Thefft

Hyp 075: Thefft

Late last year you may have heard tracks from producer Thefft being dropped by some of the scene’s leaders in Oneman, Distal, Loefah and Mary Anne Hobbs, as the young Jack Robertson’s mix of techno, garage and dubstep flavours neatly tied up some of the very best new sounds coming out of the UK.

Sitting nicely alongside current ‘UK bass’ bubblers like Artifact, South London Ordnance and Visionist, Robertson’s current released material may only amount to a single release on Cut Records (a free download made available last year from here), but with a forthcoming double A-side for Fulcrum Records, plus a deeply musical take on rugged yet emotive dancefloor bombs, the future is looking bright for the now London resident.

His Hyponik mix is one of the smoothest we’ve had for a while, with seamless transitions from broken, bassy work from former Hyp mix man BD1982 and Deft, through to peak time fare from Zed Bias’ Maddslinky project and newcomers Dusky, only to end up in a different world with a classic Madvillain / Four Tet remix. Sterling stuff, and without doubt, one not to be slept on.

01. The Illersapiens – Intro [Gorilla Tech] 02. Deft – Fastick
03. Okota – City Fox [forthcoming Wicked Bass] 04. BD1982 – Image
05. Boddika – Basement [SWAMP81] 06. Bobby Champs – Latte [forthcoming Pictures Music] 07. Paleman – Enslave
08. Distal – Feed Me [forthcoming Tectonic] 09. South London Ordnance – Trojan [forthcoming Well Rounded Housing Project] 10. Maddslinky – Take Me (Feat. Grace Love) [forthcoming Tru Thoughts] 11. Thefft – March On
12. Mr Scruff – Get A Move On [Ninja Tune] 13. Damu – Gritting
14. Thefft – TenTen [forthcoming Fulcrum Records] 15. Dusky – Lost Highway (Extended Mix) [Anjuna Deep] 16. Addison Groove – Ass Jazz [50 Weapons] 17. Presk – Hesitate [Fourth Wave] 18. Thefft – Jungle Out There [forthcoming Fulcrum Records] 19. Bobby Champs – NYC Panther
20. Damu & Thefft – Out With The Old
21. Archie Pelago – Avocado Roller [forthcoming Well Rounded Individuals] 22. Deft – Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You
23. Mono/Poly – Needs Deodorant [Brainfeeder] 24. Madvillain – Accordian (Four Tet Remix) [Stones Throw]

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