Hyp 074: Behling & Simpson

Hyp 074: Behling & Simpson

Having always been in awe of the sheer musical heritage that the UK’s ‘seventh city’ has produced over the years, we’re happy to call on two of Bristol’s most accomplished producers to piece together our latest Hyponik mix.

You’ll know, and possibly even recognise Behling and Simpson from a wealth of bass-led dancefloor material over the years under various guises, and for various labels, with their music picked up on by a stream of big name DJs, from Craig Richards to DJ Die. But it’s their newly-minted B&S moniker that’s causing the most recent waves in the scene, as their recent outing on Perspectiv and a forthcoming EP Futureboogie have seen the deeply swung house sound mirror the current UK trend for all things 4/4.

Their Hyponik mix sees the pair take in over 45 minutes of rolling house, with tracks from current front runners like Wbeeza and James Fox, plus some classic work from the old guard in the form of Andrew Weatherall and Greg Wilson.

Stream below, or click on the player for the download.

01. Pablo – Stratus (Andrew Weatherall Remix) – Soma (forthcoming)
02. LTJ – I Don’t Want This Groove To Ever End – Hot Groovy
03. Grooveman Spot – UR Love (Woo) – Jazzy Sport
04. Tortured Soul – You Found A Way (Art Of Tones Beats Mix) – Lazy Days
05. Lovebirds – You Give Me Love (Greg Wilson Remix) – Lazy Days
06. Wbeeza – Biches – Third Ear
07. Type Sun – The PL (Behling & Simpson remix)
08. Behling & Simpson – AAW – Futureboogie (forthcoming)
09. Behling & Simpson – U Were All Mine – Off Recordings (forthcoming)
10. Behling & Simpson – Good Thang – Futureboogie (forthcoming)
11. JT Donaldson – Just Bounce (Alexander East’s Make Over) – Hudd Trax
12. Klic – Disco Music – Home Taping Is Killing Music
13. Manni Dee – Shifting (James Fox Remix) – Hit & Hope (forthcoming)

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