Hyp 063: Arcade

Hyp 063: Arcade

And so, for a round up of the finest bass-led jams we turn to none other than Argentina’s Arcade.

A DJ and producer who’s ‘Contrincante’ release last year on Sheffield’s Squelch & Clap label caught many an ear, Arcade is a man who knows a thing or two about what works on the dancefloor, mixing up 4/4 bass tectonics with an ear for colour that takes in garage, ghetto-house, bassline and more (check his own ‘Tracking Down’ for the proof in the pudding).

His Hyponik mix rolls through cuts from the likes of Champion, DJ Sega, Seiji, Wiley and Objekt, with long, drawn out blends and some hefty imagination in the mix. The man himself will be kicking off a tour of South America on January 20, hitting Brasil, Venezuela and Chile, so if you reside in the Southern Hemisphere, you know what to do.

Stream the mix in full below, and download it here.

01. Pariah – Left Unsaid
02. Matthias Zimmermann – Luther
03. Joe – Claptrap
04. Lele – Breakfast (DJ Sega Remix)
05. Dj Champion – Rainforest
06. Arcade – Tracking Down
07. Seiji – Face Up
08. Dubbel Dutch – Darq
09. Wiley – Its Wiley (Mickey Pearce Remix)
10. Objekt – Cactus
11. Instramental – Thomp
12. Randomer – Real Talk
13. Paul Johnson – Dont Stop Moving That Ass
14. Tommy Kid – Pump Up The Bass (Arcade Remix)
15. Nehuen – Intriga (Arcade Remix)

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