Hyp 060: Slackk

Hyp 060: Slackk

Liverpudlian producer and DJ Slackk tops off breakthrough year with a selection of uncompromising music for our beloved mix series.

Having followed last years self-released debut ‘Hotfoot’ EP, with the unstoppable ‘Theme From Slackk’ on the modern powerhouse that we know as Numbers, Paul Lynch’s output so far has been of the fast-paced, dancefloor variety, with a heavy lean towards ’03 era grime and the modern sounds of Chicago. This is a trait explored on this years superbly juke-inflected ‘Cashmere Sheets’ album, under new alias Patrice & Friends, which showed this producer as one of the keenest minds behind the crowded boards of UK dancefloor music. Lynch repeats the trick again this month, with his release of ‘Polar Bear’ on Dj Haus’ rave-busting label Unknown To The Unknown (which you can purchase here).

As a DJ, Slackk is as exciting as any we’ve heard this year, as is evident from his Hyponik mix. The mixing is fast, tight and technically faultless, with a load of unreleased material, and a reliance on hard-hitting grime/house experiments (not to mention his own pitch-perfect edit of Sade’s ‘Somebody Already Broke My Heart’). It is truly an honur to have one of the most exciting producers of the year do his thing on Hyponik. Stream below, or download via our Soundcloud.

01. MIK- Shadow Of Death (BD1982)
02. Kingdom- Stalker Ha (Night Slugs)
03. Slackk- Girl Song (Diskotopia)
04. NKC- Finale (CD-R)
05. DJ Soulja Man- Eski-Tech (CD-R)
06. Mr Mitch- Q Bert 2 (CD-R)
07. MIK- In Traffic (BD1982)
08. J Beatz- Ignition (CD-R)
09. Alias- Gladiator 4×4 (White Label)
10. Bok Bok- Dark Hearts Dub BBL (CD-R)
11. R Kelly- Be My #2 (Dubbel Dutch Remix) (CD-R)
12. Noaipre- Silver Chain (CD-R)
13. Gremino- Trashman (CD-R)
14. Slackk- Polar Bear (Murlo Remix) (UTTU)
15. Pacheko- Calenture (??)
16. Slackk- Bamboo Butter (CD-R)
17. J Beatz/Dizzee Rascal- Sargeant Vs Strings Ho (CD-R)
18. Moony- Killing Time (CD-R)
19. OH91- Autotune (Mr Mitch Remix) (CD-R)
20. Manny- Hyper Life (Ghettophiles)
21. Sade- Somebody Already Broke My Heart (Slackk Vs Party Trash Edit) (CD-R):

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