Hyp 052: Sully

Hyp 052: Sully

When we contacted 2-step master and all round ‘bass music’ aficionado Sully about putting together a mix for our burgeoning Hyp series, he seemed genuinely pleased to be asked, the mark of man unfazed by the amount of attention his recent ‘Carrier’ album is currently garnering (as is evident in his recent interview with Hyponik). What we didn’t expect was for him concoct almost an hour of deep, electronic psychedelia-tinged music, stepping away from his garage and footwork inflected productions to deliver something altogether different.

Digging deep into his influences and interests, Sully reaches for tracks from Mark Pritchard’s Harmonic 313 project, Tangerine Dream, o0o00, fellow Keysound artists LV, and a host of lesser known tracks from producers like Klaar, Villa Nah and the Tough Alliance. This is modern electronic music at some of its most thrilling, with tracks like Teengirl Fantasy’s ‘Floor to Floor’ taking care of the smoked-out electronica, whilst the tracks the Vibezin’s ‘Mad Sick’ and Sully’s own ‘2Hearts’ deal with the straight UK bass tectonics (the transition between these two is particularly breathtaking). Up there with some of the best from the series, without doubt. Stream below, or download via our Soundcloud.

01. Teengirl Fantasy – Floor to Floor
02. Harmonic 313 – Problem 2
03. The Tough Alliance – Miami
04. Tangerine Dream – Exit
05. Desto – Remember
06. Klaar – $H4D0W5
07. oOoOO – Hearts
08. DjRum – Turiya
09. LV ft. Joshua Idehen – Last Night
10. Vibezin – Mad Sick
11. Sully – 2Hearts
12. Desto – Monsters
13. Villa Nah – Running On
14. Musical Mob – Pulse X
15. Birdman ft. Drake & Lil Wayne – Money to Blow (Klaar Remix)
16. Logos – Atlanta 95

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