Hyp 049: Noodles

Hyp 049: Noodles

For anyone interested in the current state of play of the continually shifting world of bass music, Noodles needs try little introduction.

On half of the inimitable Groove Chronicles (alongside El-B, who offered up his Hyp mix back in February), during the mid-to-late-90s the production pair went about laying waste to almost all their peers with a slew of stripped, dark garage productions that picked through the bones of jungles carcass to remodel the London sound into a skipping, intricately programmed 2-step format.

Having founded the DPR label in 1996, Noodles continues to push new music through with current acts including Dubchild, Caski and El-B, and as ever, has his ear to the streets with a number of new acts to follow.

His Hyp mix is a run through of some of UKG’s finest moments, a classic journey through 2-Step, that hits upon Wookie, Menta, Zed Bias, Steve Gurley and more.

01. Groove Chronicles – Black Puppet
02. Horsepower Productions – Gorgon Sound
03. Menta – Sound of Da Future
04. Unknown – Been Here Before
05. Zed Bias & DJ Principal – All Night Jam
06. Sunship – Cheque One Two
07. Wookie – Battle (Remix)
08. Zoom & DBX – Coming Again
09. Sovereign – Touch Me
10. Cleptomaniacs – All I Do (Bump & flex Remix)
11. Unknown
12. Music Box
13. Blowfelt – Lickle Rolla

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