Hyp 043: Dubchild

Hyp 043: Dubchild

Rapidly heading towards our 50th mix, this week we return to our roots as we call upon one of dubstep’s unsung heroes, the man they call Dubchild.

Having earned his stripes back in the ’90s on jungle pioneer DJ SS’ 100% Recordings (an offshoot of his Formation Records group), Dubchild has gone on to push his original dubstep sound through early labels like Storming, A.R.M.Y and Heavy Artillery, and being remixed by the likes of Distance, Boxcutter and Reso.

Having recently hooked up with Groove Chronicles 2-step don Noodles to sign to his legendary DPR imprint, more recently dubchild has been remixing top flight acts such as Alicia Keys, Zed Bias, El-B, DJ Vadim and Serocee. His Hyp mix turns in 13 tracks of dancefloor bass, almost entirely original productions from the man himself, and is a reminder of just how the London sound reached its current worldwide status.

01. Dubchild – Myron (dubchild VS groovechronicles remix) (dpr recordings)
02. Dubchild – War & Crime Pt. 2 (dubplate dpr)
03. Dubchild – All Talk (dubplate dpr)
04. Dubschild – Demolition (dubplate dpr)
05. Serocee – Ooh Nah Nah (Dubchild Remix) promo
06. Dubchild – Mark of the Beast (dubplate dpr)
07. Dubchild – Oddessy (dubplate dpr)
08. Dubchild – Tune Yall -(Dubdefenderz)
09. DJ Vadim – Sometimes (Dubchild Remix) (OG Recordings)
10. Dubchild Voodoo – (Soldier Plates)
11. Dubchild – Sick & Tired (dpr recordings)
12. Got you Now (dubplate dpr)
13. Dubchild ft Lornette – Love (dpr recordings)

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