Hyp 037: Last Japan

Hyp 037: Last Japan

Bullet Train step up for our latest mix, as the label curated by Rinse FM’s Marco Del Horno send for young gun producer Last Japan to pull together a mix of grimey, 2-step inflected bass pressure.

The past 12 months have seen the Guildford-based Last Japan AKA Marco Giuliani garner Radio 1 airplay with his ‘Big Man’ track from summer 2010, release a steady stream of tracks through Bullet Train and Southern Fried, and see his brand of electroid bass roll through clubs nationwide. Recently collaborating with former Roll Deep legend Trim for the creeping ‘Blood Diamond’ EP, Last Japan is quite obviously a young talent to keep an eye on.

Pulling for the likes of Bok Bok, Joy Orbison, Kingdom, Redlight and Pearson Sound for his Hyp mix, Hyp 037 is a hyperactive slice of the current scene – as the man himself said: “I think from listening to this mix you’ll hear that’s it all sub bass driven music but its got some melody and musicality to it and think thats important, because there’s a lot of boring music out there at the moment. They’re also all tracks I draw influences from as well all types of music no matter its genre”. Enjoy.

01. What You Need – The Weeknd
02. Silo Pass – Bok Bok
03. Abrupt – Roska
04. One Thing (French Fries Remix) – Amerie
05. Sicko Cell – Joy O
06. Ride It Everytime – Kingdom/Girluni
07. Ganja (French Fries Remix) – DVA
08. More Of You – Seiji
09. Stifle – Pearson Sound
10. Armour – Dark Sky
11. I Want You (Redlight Remix) – Cee Lo Green
12. Numbers In Action (Toddska Remix) Wiley
13. Trying To Get A Dub (French Fries & Bambounou Remix) – Chaos In the CBD
14. Just Smile For Me (Last Japan’s Sunset Remix) – Bondax
15. Ambush – Last Japan
16. Girl – Last Japan
17. Feel So Good – Redlight
18. Limb by Limb (Last Japan’s IC3 VIP Remix) – Fireworkz

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