Hyp 031: Blank & Kytt

Hyp 031: Blank & Kytt

For the 31st installment of our mix series we have requested that Hyponik favourites, Blank & Kytt, provide us with an hours worth of their custom slickness.

The West Midland duo have been on our radar for a while now and judging by their recent output, the post-war concrete of Coventry has done nothing to zap their inspiration. Newly released ‘The Six Month EP’ (grab it here ) reminded us exactly why these young producers should be amongst the upper echelons of the newly replenished post-Dilla beat scene. With their friend Young Montana’s? debut ep ‘Limerence’ being warmly received this week, this new wave of producers including S.Maharba, Letherette and Shlomo, really have raised the electronic playing field.

For their Hyp mix Blank & Kytt have provided us with a mix that encapsulates the energy of their live sets and their pure passion for headphone hip-hop. The first half of the mix wavers around the 140bpm with UK bass anthems ‘Footwork’ by Addison Groove, Ramadanmans ‘Work Them’ and the essential ‘Slime Beach’ from Long Islands Kuhn. Then we slip into summer boom bap territory with additions from J Dilla, Fly Lo, Keaver & Brause, Blank & Kytt and tracks from their peers Young Montana? and Shells. All of this mapped out in the typically playful yet incredibly detailed B&K format.


Blank & Kytt – Thursday & Snow
Blank & Kytt – Looky Here!
Addison Groove – Footcrab
Maniac – Bow E3
Lunice – We Can Go/Swindle’s Airmiles
Kuhn – Slime Beach
Ramadanman – Work Them
Rustie – Bad Science
edIT – Crunk De Gaulle
edIT – Ants
Pete Rock – A Little Soul
J Dilla – Phantom Of The Synths
Flying Lotus – Track 5
Runindicator – Dimlite
Adrian Younge – Shot Me In The Heart
Blank & Kytt – Who You Are
Sole – The Priziest Horse
Young Montana? – Midnight Snacks
Keaver & Brause – Summers t’Stay
Red – The Nuts
Shells – Clay
Telefon Tel Aviv – Map of What is Effortless

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